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Refund Policy

Market Baby Guarantee:
Shop with confidence. We guarantee that you will be satisfied and we will come through with the product that you purchased.
Market Baby Refund Policy
-If you are trying to return an item due to it not being used we can offer our return services.
-The order must be within 30 days
-The item must be sealed and not damaged.
-We will provide return labels, but will charge for them. Return label price varies on amount of cans.
-All returns will come with two fees. 1) Restocking fee. 2) Return label fee. These prices will vary depending on items being returned. After the fees, we will provide refund of the amount due to the customer. 
-If you would like to cancel an order we will honor this only if it has not been shipped. Otherwise it would be considered a return, and the fees will now be effective.
-If the item you received is damaged. You have 2 days from your delivery date to report that your item was damaged. 
-Images must be sent to our email address, Images MUST contain all items, box that it was sent in, and picture of shipping label.
-Once images are sent of the required items above, we will either provide you with a refund or replacement depending on availability. 
-If no image is sent within the time frame, no refund or replacement will be provided.
-If a package is missing and never delivered we will replace the item
-This only qualifies if the tracking does not say delivered.
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